Core Values

Compassion, Hounour, Leadership, Integrity , Confidence.


Raise up teenange girls to become women of purpose & dignity through mentoring, education, awareness and intervention programs.


Dignity for the girl child.

About Talitha

Talitha Teens Foundations exists to mentor and raise up teenage girls to be women of confidence and dignity to impact their generations. This initiative started as intervention to girls in Soweto Kayole slums , in a school where girls would miss classes every time they have periods.

Thats about 4 days a week per girls making it 12 days in a month. They would stay home for lack of sanitary pads, some would use old rugs or anything available, others resulted to exchange sex for money to buy pads. School drop outs were common and the stigma on the girls was a common thing.

We intervened by gathering funds from our friends to purchase pads , and also to give them educatioal talks since 2012 to date. The result has been better grades, confident girls, clean girls and a better sanitation facility in the school.

Our Objectives

Menstural Hygiene (raising awareness, education and Interventions)

Mentoring girls using the Dignity campaign tools

Leadership development

Dignity Day

A 1-day 6-hour programme for girls aged 10-18, divided into 6 interactive sessions. In a safe space, girls learn about important topics in a small group setting. Topics include:

  • Identity
  • Belonging
  • Purpose
  • Puberty
  • The Menstrual Cycle
  • Menstrual Management

Cherish Dignity

A 12-week A discipleship programme for girls ages 10-18 to continue learning and growing after a Dignity Day. In a small group setting, girls learn about topics like making good choices, leadership, relationships, sex, prevention of human trafficking, and sisterhood.


Talitha Team

These wonderful people have given to Talitha's initiatives by commiting thier time, valuable skills & their invaluable hearts.

Carol Tudor


Rhoda Omondi


Shelmith Maina

Events planner

Dorcas Wanjiku

Social media manager

Our Partners

Journing With Us

We appreciate all who walk with us in awesome friendship & mentorship. Most of what has been achieved has been through sharing of knowledge, experience, commitment and accountability towards creating better lives for the young girls out there.

The Dignity Campaign

Talitha teens Foundation in partnership with The Dignity day campaign has done various training of the Dignity day since 2019 in Kahawa sukari , Nairobi Cara girls rescue centre  Ngong , New Scent girls rescue centre  Tala , Voi girls Education centre.

The Dignity Campaign has been a very wonderful freind to Talitha through mentorship, training & guidance. As we continue to build on each other, we pray that both initiatives grow to grow fruits and pleasing to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Get Involved

Partner With Us

Every year, well meaning people have helped us achieve our objectives through selfless giving. Our foundation thrives on collabarative efforts from people who resonate with our cause to help these young girls.

On average a girl needs KES 500 for a whole years supply of sanitary pads.



  • 1. Find the M-PESA menu on your phone
  • 2. Select the Lipa na M-PESA
  • 3. Select the Pay Bill option
  • 4. Enter 400222 as the business number i.e paybill number
  • 5. Enter 1731350# as the account number
  • 6. Enter the amount your wish to give e.g 500
  • 7. Enter your M-PESA PIN ato authorize the payment

Bank Transfers


To get our bank details for funds transfer, please get in contact with Carol Tudor at

A Thank You Note

To 0 Years & beyond!

We have come this far by the graces & mercies of the Lord. He has provided for and strengthened the cause at every turn. Our plan is to go bigger and reach more girls in the path ahead of us, not leaving anyone behind.

And we also thank you; willingly and knowningly supporting the works we have done far. We pray that you continue in the same spirit so that the organisation can further its objectives.

Lastly we hope that our pace shall not grow faint, and instead our drums of changes grow even louder and stronger than before.

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